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Thomond House

Thomond House Women's Shelter Limerick

Thomond House Women’s Shelter Limerick

Thomond House Emergency Accommodation Services

Thomond House Women’s Shelter is the flagship of the organizations services. The service opened in 1994 and it has served the city and region as a tremendous housing vehicle for more than two decades. The service provides up to 24 beds / places of emergency accommodation and supports for women over 18 years who are “at risk” and homeless. A needs assessment and housing evaluation informs placement and care planning. The emphasis is on the homeless persons’ wellbeing and finding them suitable housing. Service delivery is in partnership with the Statutory Multidisciplinary Homeless Action Team (H.A.T.) which includes: Coordinator, Team Leader, Public Health Nurse, Community Psychiatric Nurse, Resettlement Officer, Community Welfare Officer D.S.P., Youth Worker, Tenancy Sustainment Officer and Occupational Therapists.

Thomond House Emergency Accommodation Services Programme:

• Comfortable secure accommodation is provided together with the basics of food, clothing and personal items. Full board is provided for residents of Thomond House.

• Staff and residents at Thomond House Scheme make people welcome, try to assuage their fears and help them relax in their new environment.

• A contact person is linked with new residents to familarise them with the scheme’s services.

• A key worker ensures that each client’s health, social and housing needs is assessed. This assessment is carried out in collaboration with the Statutory Multidisciplinary Homeless Action Team.

• Through ‘Individual Care Plans’ the client is given support, guidance and appropriate referral to tackle issues identified in their needs assessment.

• In the delivery of support services the complement of Thomond House staff is backed-up by the ‘Statutory Multidisciplinary Homeless Action Team’ (H.A.T.) The Thomond House Emergency Accommodation Service is staffed 24 hourly for 365 days of the year.

• Settlement life skills training programme: home making, personal care, budgeting, hygiene, cooking and socialisation.

• In so far as is possible, residents are linked with family and friends.

• Clients are supported by Thomond House and the Homeless Action Team Staff in locating Private, Council or Voluntary Housing Agency long-term accommodation.

To contact us, check out our contacts page (or see Altamira Long term Housing).

Thomond House Homeless Shelter Limerick

Thomond House Homeless Shelter Limerick

Integrated Living

Homeless People seek the opportunity to live in a flat, apartment or a house to make a home in the community and be participant in life like everyone else.

• Thomond House Emergency Accomodation Service offers homeless women a temporary secure supported place to live whilst they work to address their housing, social and or health needs.

• A.C.T Transitional Housing with specific support (e.g. for target groups ) will enable most of the homeless to empower themselves and to stay independantly in their own apartment or house at a later time.
For those who will not be able to live without support even in the long run, specialized long-term accommodation is required to ensure a life with dignity.

To contact us, go to the contacts page. (see our web-page Altamira Long term Housing)

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Thomond House Womens Shelter Limerick

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ACT Thomond House assists homeless people through a housing and support stability pathway. In effect the service acts as a "guide and sponsor" for each client.