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Psychiatric Support

Psychiatric Support ACT:


Psychiatric support Thomond House Limerick

Psychiatric support Thomond House Limerick

One of the objects of the organization is to provide additional assistance for people with mental health challenges. The association carries out this work through the provision of comforts for longterm patients in Psychiatric Hospitals and Approved Settings and through a linking up with societies and support groups in the field to provide social and recreational support for post psychiatric illness persons. Psychiatric Support ACT has worked with services in the mental health field since 1993. The ACT psychiatric project has now a record of linking up with certain support groups for up to 20 years.
The areas the programme support include : Social and recreational activities, personal effects, clothing , footware, individual necessities and occasional items. The programme also supports elements in the housing of people with histories of mental health problems in the organizations housing schemes in limerick.

Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of people who are effected by mental health challenges through the provision of comforts, additional assistance and social support.

Background and Limitations

The personal experience acquired by our committee and members of this many sided illness affecting the individual who is ill, and his or her family, has played an important part in compiling our policy of additional support and welfare. The association has linked up with societies and support committees connected to hospitals and approved services since 1993.This system of operation protects the patient, ensures confidentiality and deals with administrative and bona-fide areas with the minimum of pressure or disruption to the person concerned.

The project is confined to a small number of longstanding groups who were enlisted in the programme when it was first set up . There is an embargo on additional groups joining the programme at present due to the scarcity of resources.

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ACT Thomond House assists homeless people through a housing and support stability pathway. In effect the service acts as a "guide and sponsor" for each client.