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Strategic Planning


There is an acute shortage of residential accommodation in Limerick City. This lack of housing supply is in both the private and social housing sectors. The Associated Charities Trust Ltd Voluntary Housing Association is working to develop an 18 one bedroomed apartments social housing scheme at Brownes Quay Limerick. The proposed development will be a multi-story apartment building comprising 18 one bedroom apartments, recreational space, parking facilities and all other ancillary accommodation together with all associated site development works. The Proposed “Mirth” permanent supported housing scheme is an affordable social housing scheme with access to a variety of care and support services. The schemes strategic location, building design and layout combined with support the services of Associated Charities Trust will assist the tenant address support needs that may otherwise compromise their ability to sustain a long-term home.

Mirth Model Limerick

Computer Image of Development Model


The proposed development had secured planning permission in January 2009. The government capital assistance scheme for the project was cut back due to the recession. The development was put on hold and alternative funding options explored. Neither the government or the banks were willing to fund the project in the midst of the recession. Finally in December 2013 a funding scheme was agreed under a new partnership. Because the planning permission was running out in January 2014 an extension to the planning permission was lodged. Severe flooding occurred in the city in January and February 2014 and the application for the extension of planning was refused August 2014. New guidelines were instituted by the OPW and it was deemed that a new planning application was required under these guidelines. In December 2014 a Flood Risk Assessment was carried out on the site to inform future planning options. After deliberations and consultation with the planning dept a new planning application was duly lodged and the planning application was granted on 12/09/ 2015. The Associated Charities Trust is working in partnership to develop the project with the Dept. of Environment and Housing, the local authority Limerick City and County Council , the Jp Mc Mamus Fund and Clann Credo Social Fund to develop the project. On the 25 July 2017 the Department of the Environment and Housing approved Capital Assistance Funding Grant to build the scheme. The project is now going through the procurement process.

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