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Homelessness and Broken-ness


Homeless people being admitted to Thomond House Emergency Accomodation Services are usually initially very mute. Later they become expressive lamenting what is happening to them and laying bare part of their story of crisis and misfortune. Their demeanour at this time is of a “broken-ness”and their disposition is one of distress in trying to come to terms with their situation.

Individual Needs

At A.C.T.and Thomond House a homeless services budget is in place to meet the principle day to day staffing and running costs but in a number of key areas substantial shortfalls occur. The journey into and in homelessness is difficult for everyone and for some it results in people being in “a state of Broke-ness”. The service works with each client to enable and empower them to address their respective situations. In the operation of the service cohort after cohort of new homeless people are admitted throughout the year . Donors can provide additional support for them through the provision of funding for“extra personal effects as most have very few possessions when admitted. The people concerned are at a very low ebb.

Upkeep of Accomodation.

The social nature of the business “housing people in cycles of homelessness” results in a high level of wear and tear on accommodation units and facilities. Clients with socialisation difficulties, coping problems, and “in states of broken-ness” can leave their mark on accommodation and facilities.. There is a requirement for constant maintenance , redecoration and refurbishment to sustain a standard of the service. There is also a requirement to make ready the accommodation which one client vacates so that it is in good condition for new homeless clients being admitted. There are shortfalls in funding the continuous upkeep of accommodation and financial support would be gratefully accepted.
In most circumstances we are unable to accept offers of goods or services due to the logistics of standardization, goods storage, work scheduling and client care. It is financial assistance that is required. Thank you for your support.

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ACT Thomond House assists homeless people through a housing and support stability pathway. In effect the service acts as a "guide and sponsor" for each client.