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Thomond House Limerick

Thomond House Limerick

ACT Homeless:

Welcome to Associated Charities Trust C.L.G. At Thomond House we provide housing and a host of support services for people at risk and homeless in Limerick. The services include: Emergency accommodation and support services for women over 18 years old, long-term housing for women over 50 years old and stability transitional housing for women, men and families. Contact Number: 061 325011 (see our webpage Thomond House)

Our Mission Statement:

To bridge the frontiers of homeless to integrated living in the community
(“frontiers of homelessness” see our webpage Homeless Perspective)

Our Overview

ACT Thomond House service provision is structured through a housing led approach which promptly assesses the persons housing and support needs. Based on the result of this assessment suitable housing options are explored with the client and a support stability pathway is put in place (see our webpage Services)

A.C.T.Strategic Plan

In response to the shortage of appropriate housing for homeless people the organization is working on a strategic plan to build The” Mirth” Permanent Supported Housing Scheme of 18 one bedroomed apartments on a development site adjacent to Thomond House
(see Mirth Development page)

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If you would like to find out more about the services Thomond House offers, we have provided helpful online informational guides.

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ACT Thomond House assists homeless people through a housing and support stability pathway. In effect the service acts as a "guide and sponsor" for each client.